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About us

"Better Together"

Grant Rayner

Grant has been working in the field of architectural design delivering top quality outcomes for his clients Nationwide for over 20 years.


Grant has been involved in numerous projects of all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes you need a designer that has the ability to bring their experience to projects big and small. 


Grant lives and works in Tawa, Wellington with his wife and two children.  Grant is an active member of the community and has captained the New Zealand, Wellington and North Island Indoor Bowls teams to many wins.


Anne Rayner

Anne has years of experience providing good quality customer service to a wide range of customers and groups.  Anne strongly believes that the ability to provide customer satisfaction is a skill like any other, and coupled with her excellent planning skills and attention to detail compliments Grant's design eye. 


Included in Anne's long list of qualities is her light touch as a baker, if you get the chance you should ask to seal the deal with a batch of her tasty date scones.

Together Anne and Grant make an excellent team, you will be in good hands.


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